About Us

Leaders Today and Tomorrow
SDI is one of the leaders in the prepaid calling industry in United States. SDI is continuously helping families and businesses in communicating overseas. SDI is rapidly increasing its wholesale distribution network across the nation.

SDI has strategically entered the Pre-paid wireless market with Black Wireless, a Nationwide cellular service with an array of Unlimited GSM Talk/Text/MMS/Data plans. Black Wireless comes with FREE International Calling from home and mobile and the SIM has a key Direct Dial feature which ties into SDI's MyBlack011's unique e-commerce retail based web portal.

Retailers will have access to international top up products, the ability to sell pins to 235+ country destinations, US Wireless RTR (Real Time Replenishment) and complete wireless air-time solutions for 30+ US Wireless Products.

To complete this value added service, which requires NO inventory and NO investment, SDI implemented the functionality to unlock any GSM phone from the MyBlack011 portal. It is also a full functional portal for Black Wireless to activate new SIM's, add airtime plans and port in customers from other services.

For more than a decade we have consistently provided reliable, high-quality products, services and excellent customer service.