Pro-Tech Shield

Reduce the strength of EMR.

The SDI Pro-Tech Shield is a protective device that adheres to the ear piece of any cellular phone.

The Pro-Tech Shield can reduce the strength of EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) from your cell phone ear piece by as much as 97% depending on the cell phone model. The Pro-Tech Shield does not block radiation from other areas of your phone.

The FCC has passed new laws governing the use and wave strength of cellular phones. Many government and medical groups are concerned about the long term effects of radiation around the head area when cellular phones are in use.

Recent studies show that radiation waves from cellular devices may be harmful to your health. Reports of dizziness, headaches, fatigue and other symptoms have the public concerned.

SDI Pro-Tech Shield! It’s tested and proven and fits any phone.

This product does not guarantee the effects and side effects of cellular use.

Distributed by: SDI-NY LLC


The PRO-TECH shield fits on any cellular phones and is attached by placing it over the earpiece opening.
The patented material effectively blocks up to 97% of the radiation which passes through the earpiece and into the ear canal which is a direct conduit to the brain.
Because the ear has the highest absorption rate for radiation in the body at 94% it is essential that this radiation is not permitted to enter the ear canal. New information is clearly pointing to the area inside the ear near the aural nerve or at the end of the ear canal as the place where most new incidences of brain tumors are emerging.
There are dozens of different types of cell phones. Some have one internal antenna others have multiple internal antennas for cell, WiFi and GPS functions. Our product was tested on the most popular phones and it’s testing was able to identify where the antennas were and also able to measure exactly what amount was coming out of the earpiece. The amount that is coming out of the earpiece will be reduced to almost zero as our patented material blocks and deflects radiation effectively!

PRO-TECH was developed in response to the growing concern about cell phone radiation.

Interact Communications Inc., which is the manufacturer behind the SDI Pro-Tech Shield, was established in 1997 with an initiative to bring to market an innovative new product.
Shelly Kalnitsky, a former advertising executive. Following an ABC 20/20 report on cell phone dangers, he immediately thought of his family and started researching ways to protect them. After countless hours of studies he discovered a patented material that blocked radiation from penetrating the material which led to the birth of the protective shielding PRO-TECH.